Welcome to HumbirdXOFFEO, a revolutionary online platform to help you 10X your OFFEO game!

We're Cory & Shauna-Kay Anderson, founders of Jamaican Digital Agency, Humbird Media, and official OFFEO Endorsed Designers who have been using OFFEO since we signed up to be Beta Testers of the platform in 2018.

After just a month of testing OFFEO, it was clear that we had found a secret to success in the digital market. Shortly thereafter, we began to offer social media animation services to our clients all over the world. This new addition to our digital services saw us creating over 200 OFFEO videos for ourselves and our clients and it has helped us generate thousands of dollars in revenue - hands down, one of our best investments to date. 

As active members of the OFFEO Facebook Community, we saw an opportunity to help other OFFEO users create mind-blowing OFFEO videos for themselves and their clients. After multiple requests, we decided to create a platform to house all our teachings and OFFEO assets.

The HumbirdXOFFEO platform provides:

  • ANIMATED ASSETS to upload into your OFFEO Projects

  • OFFEO TEMPLATES that we've used to gain success for our own clients

  • QUICK TUTORIALS to help you improve your OFFEO skills on-the-go

  • COURSES to teach you the "ins and outs" of outstanding video creation in OFFEO

We're always improving and updating our platform to serve you better. Feel free to contact us or Join Our User Community to share in the HumbirdXOFFEO love!

XO - Cory & Shauna